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Game News

Forgotten Nemesis was born on the 11 August 2010 and is a very small and new guild and we are looking for skilled players to increase our numbers, and help shape the future of FN.

Forgotten Nemesis highly values the bonds between its members, and our soldiers are known for being very mature and respectful.

The Forgotten Nemesis members come from various game worlds, and from all aspects of these games. We focus on the achievements of the battle, rather then the loot or wealth.

Main Time Zone: European guild - GMT+1 – CET.

Main play hours: Daily: 19.00 - 24.00 GMT+1 / CET - Weekends: as much we can!

Number of members: 6+ atm. (slow recruiting guild, as we only take the best)

Home area or city: Khal.

Active Guild

Forgotten Nemesis have an active leadership. They will provide scheduled hunts, quest-runs, smaller role-play events and of course in time, end-game raid content.

Members are required to take an active part in the guild groups, hunts, or scheduled events.


Most of our guild members have families and children, therefore in the 25-40 year range, we do not have any age restrictions but we value respect and require a certain level of maturity from our members.


Forgotten Nemesis is built with military hierarchy like most other guilds, and members are awarded accordingly to the effort and skill they put into the guild.

Immersion Level

Role-play is most welcome, but not hardcore, we do however require our members to show respect of those who do.

Role-play is highly encouraged and some of the upcoming guild events require minor roleplay, but else then that, role-play is not enforced. OOC can be used in guild or groups, however on some guild events /say or /shout must be in char.

Accepting new members

Forgotten Nemesis accepts all Order races, classes, and levels. All potential recruits have to go through a certain amount of steps, to even be considered a FN member. Likewise, FN members have to be active in guild to stay a member.

This is NOT what we are

Players who prove to be drama queens, beggars, whiners, l33t Speakers, board trolls, etc. will be dealt with accordingly.

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